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The Basics

What are your rates?

As much as I hate being that lady who buries this information in some sort of National Treasure: Photographer's Rates ripoff, it isn't always easy to broadcast precise numbers. If you check out my Booking page, you will have a decent guideline of my rates.

BUT. Every business is a unique little tater tot of joy here at A Different Light, so many things can influence what you can expect to pay:
-Type/complexity of work
-Uses for Commercial work (Billboard, or Facebook page?)

While I've got you here, please be aware that photography is taxed service here in South Dakota. My rates do NOT include taxes.

What do I get for those prices?

Professional photography, exclusively licensed to your business/brand and tailored to your unique needs. That means
-All photos are professionally retouched
-Consultation and open dialogue every step of the way -Secure, private digital delivery via Pixieset -Exclusive digital licensing rights
Any questions or doubts? Contact me.

What areas do you serve?

I'm based in Rapid Valley, and my local area includes Rapid City, Box Elder, Caputa, and Ellsworth AFB. Yes, I have base access!

I will consider most locations within the SD Black Hills Region, for an additional travel charge. Contact me, and we can discuss that more.

Do you have a studio?

I have some limited space at my home for Headshots. It is a converted garage space, which is clean, easy access, and expedites the process. If you would like to consult at my home office, that can be arranged as well. *note, I have dogs/cat at my home office.* Alternately, I can bring my studio setup to you (see prices). I use a standard 5ft x 7ft backdrop in most cases, and need another 5-8 feet minimum so that I'm not sitting on your lap. Generally, a spacious,10x12 room will get the job done. I can also setup outdoors in favorable conditions. Remember, you can choose any background you'd like! Outdoors, business, etc.

Where do I start?!?

Alright Friend. You're all out of snacks. You've read everything you need to know, and you're ready to book. Simply head over to Booking and click the link at the bottom of the page. Please don't hesitate to let me know a preferred method of contact. I'm more than fine with email, text, Facebook Messenger, phone, or any/all in most cases.

What is your turnaround time?

It depends on your needs. For all special offers or basic needs, i require a minimum of ten business days.
BUT. I offer a three day turnaround time for a small additional fee.

Need it faster? I also offer same-day turnaround rates for those "impromptu" occasions.

What are your hours?

My "office" hours are 10am to 6pm. But my house is my office so...I will likely respond to inquiries outside of those hours. I understand businesses are diverse, and have unique needs--I am 100% willing to work with your schedule. My Special Offers are only open for booking during my "office" hours, but I have some limited availabilty beyond those times.


Will you do...

Here's a comprehensive and ever-changing list of things I will (and maybe even love) to do: -Food Photography, perishable and non-perishable -Arts and Crafts -Food trucks, vendors, home businesses -Flowers, Floral arrangements -Well trained, domesticated animals -Headshots of business professionals and creatives (musicians, artists, etc.) -Tattoos, Piercing work, Make Up, Hair, etc. -Safely handled, legally purchased/owned firearms Still unsure? Better to ask, than to not.

Is there anything you WON'T do?

Well, I was getting to that. I am a firm believer that I engage in business where it is needed, rather than throwing my hat into, uh, a hat pile? Is that the saying? Anyways, I think it's important to clarify that my business does NOT currently offer any of the following:
Personal Photography, including: -Family Portraits -Boudoir (no, not commercial boudoir either) -Wedding Photography -Infant or Child photography Event Photography--play this by ear. I am one human, with one camera. If your small business is having an event, or needs material promoting it--reach out and describe it, first. I love work, but I want you to get the service you matter what.

Massive Portrait Schemas--I can't provide perfectly uniform pictures of the entire 50 man staff of your business. Not right now, at least. I prefer to keep headshots less rushed for your benefit, and mine. Multi-Level Marketing Products--For very murky copyright reasons, I can not provide commercial photography services to Direct Sales and Multi-Level Marketing services. If you are your brand, that's fine, but I can not photograph a product that is owned and copyrighted by a third party.
"But I saw a picture of X on your site, so why won't you do that for me? What's the difference?"
I am a *Commercial* Photographer. I didn't say I didn't know how to take family portraits, pictures of infants, or anything else. I am a diverse photographer, but the sentiment remains: A Different Light is strictly Commercial Photography.

So this other photographer does...

That's great! I'm a fervent believer in Community over Competition--that means I will not partiipate in aggressive undercutting or "mimicking/copying" another photographer's work. A Different Light means that things here are well...different. I'm willing to work with you to see your unique vision come to light (and maybe even enhance that idea). Helping y our brand is at the center of my business.

What about Politically charged businesses/products?

Unfortunately, no.

I am my business--and I simply do not find it in best business practice to work with any of the following:
-Overtly racist, homophobic, bigotry or hate speech
-Political statements. I should not have to elaborate. -Any alienating, or particularly controversial businesses

So, is it gonna offend someone (probably even intentionally)? Yes? Then no. I support free speech, but I do not support bad business.

What's the difference between Commercial Photography and Personal Photography?

There's a lot of overlap between the two: let's face it, two professional photographers take a headshot of you. It's what happens next that can make the difference.

For Personal Photography, you very likely signed something saying that you are using this headshot your your own enjoyment. In other words, this is for your personal Facebook, to hang up in a wall of your home or office, or to share with friends.
Commercial Photography generally includes any purpose of selling a product, service, or brand. Say you are a Real Estate agent. You take that headshot and put it up on a Billboard with your info. Because you used this image with a purpose of self-promotion/making money, it becomes commercial in nature.
Just because you went to a Portrait studio, the commercial/personal nature DOES NOT change. Know your contract (photographers, us too!) And? Who cares? I can do whatever I want with a photo of myself. But you can't tho. The legality, contracts, and licensing agreements between the two types can become VERY different. In fact, you could end up in a whole mess of problems if you use a photographer's copyrighted work to make money. It's illegal, and it's not good for anyone. Maybe they'll notice, maybe they won't. Can you afford the difference?

I KNOW I need something long-term, consistent or weekly. Will you work with me?

Yes! If you'd like to "test drive" with one of my specials or other services, that's great!

If you want a little somethin' more steady...let's talk more. Don't be afraid to dream.


What are your qualifications?

I am set to earn my B.A. in Communication from University of North Dakota this May. I am an Honors student, currently spending my second semester as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant.

I work a "side job" as an editor for a SEO project. I'm highly detail oriented, and if you haven't figured it out yet--I'm also writer.

In terms of Photography, that story is in my About section. I've travelled and photographed my greatest and faves for ten years. I've always been an artsy type (watercolor, acrylic, woodwork, and even ceramics) but Photography has been my medium of choice. Prior to hopping on the haywagon to the Dakotas, I worked as a Clerk Typist in a Public Assistance Office. It was intense, fast-paced, but ultimately sobering work. I embrace all incomes, all walks of llife, and base my business on being helpful to other business owners. My space is a no judgement zone.

What is Mission Creep?

When roughing out my business plan, I found myself asking what "can" I do versus what I have to offer. Make no mistake: I am a skilled professional, with a diverse portfolio, and plenty of drive. I also like you, and I like having customers.

That doesn't mean I need to do everything under the sun.

My (Active Duty) husband described "Mission Creep" as the problem. Aside from sounding like a SoundCloud mashup of Radiohead and Massive Attack, it also sounded like a real concept that needed to be integrated into my business.

My Mission is simple: To provide quality, affordable, and accessible content/photography for small business owners. Those who make, bake, shake and create.
So maybe I am a One-Trick Commercial Photography Pony. But it is my specialty, and most importantly--my priority.

What if I don't need an hour?

I do not have any inherent minimums on time--I quote based on how much time I think it will take to shoot, factor in editing/retouching, and then I am on my way. I super duper encourage you to contact me with your needs so that I can give you accurate estimates on time (no, I will not yield 10 images in five minutes).

Is this like a side job or something?

NO. I am a Sales Tax Licensed, Insured, and registered business owner. Just because I am home-based does NOT mean I am not a professional (and that's true for anyone else, too).

My availability is slightly limited until May when I plan to fully launch, but my dedication is always 100%.

Read Hither, First.


No...and yes. Life has happened like a ton of bricks--I am happily working full-time, and so I've made the decision to convert this page into a working portfolio. With that in mind--I love photography, love opportunities to get out in the community, connect, and do not hesitate to reach out to me with an idea!

So, is anything on this site accurate?

Yes! But wait, there's more!

While I am not actively pursuing this as a "business" I am still a very active photographer, blogger, and networker. I'm open to taking photos or covering a story on just for the joy of it--I enjoy spotlighting our community, good food, interesting event/spaces, culture, and much more.

What I do not enjoy--someone trying to get free headshots, offering to "pay in exposure," or folks who think I will produce an entire edited, fully licensed photoshoot for them, free of charge. Respect the Creatives, people!

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