A Different Light: The Story

I'm a small business photographer, who loves other small businesses.

So, I'm a little bit odd. Maybe you could call me different. But generally, I prefer being called Shanyce.


Now that I got the corny joke out of the way, you're probably looking for the cliche picture of me behind my camera. I'll continue on about how I am a military spouse, a parent, and a casual photographer for ten years. I will also mention that I have my B.A. in Communication, from the University of North Dakota (Go Hawks). I'll talk about my pets, pretty things, places, my experience with Search Engine Optimization and content writing, stuff that I like, random jobs that I had, and some other random points. I also should tell you that I have four lenses, use a Nikon, and Windows 10. I also use Android. Here's a shameless plug for my blog.


And a picture of my face if that means something to you.





I can tell you a brief story.

I was 18. Excited about the world, and starting my Freshman year in college. That spring, I took a Film and Photography Basics course at the Pittsburgh Filmmaker's School and watched a bunch of weird experimental films, drank coffee, and wore pashminas that made me feel cool. A few weeks into the semester, I was handed a big, bulky relic from the previous century: a Konica Minolta SLR. 


I had no idea how it worked. I was a child of the Point and Shoot era, and of the disposable camera income. Over the next few weeks though...I learned. And then...I fell in love. I had no idea whether my pictures would even come out correctly...but they did. One of which serves as the header of this very page.


My life has been amazing, beautiful, uncertain, exciting, and full (and so has my tummy). Photographing the most unique and exciting things--up close and personal--has always been my view of the world. The sound of the ocean meeting city in Coney Island. The salty taste of oysters in Annapolis. The cute Ice Cream Shoppe in Garrison. Small or big--every person in every place has a story. What's yours?



My Philosophy

As Business owners...it's time to go back to the basics. Five Social Media pages later, you've got to be wondering. When did everything get so damn stuffy? Why can't a taco just be a taco sometimes? What does my life story have to do with actual skill? Are the analytics and resume builders all that really matters? Why can't we have fun, make awesome stuff, and sell it? 


It's time to do things differently. Harder work isn't necessarily smarter work. The overworked, overwhelmed, "I did it all by myself" business owner doesn't make any more than one who knows when it's time to reach out for help. I started A Different Light with a vision: to get down in the barracks with the rise and grinders, the entrepreneurs, the food trucks, arts and crafters, vendors, social media sellers and Etsy doers. Supporting small businesses starts with us, supporting each other. 

So, I heard we aren't Denver. Maybe we aren't even Sioux falls. Let's tell 'em who we are here in Rapid City.


A Different Light embraces all that is different. I am a proud advocate of diversity: people of color, women, LGBT, veterans, transplants, locals, tourists...and all of the different types of people that make Rapid City great. I welcome all who are on that same grind, regardless of background. 


I do not work with businesses that participate in any sorts of marginalizing or hateful philosophy towards others. That includes predatory business practices.

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