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What are your rates?

Do you have a studio?

Sort of.
I have a home office. I primarily shoot product photography in this setting, though I have a very limited space for headshots and portraits. If if makes you more comfortable--my studio is portable and can be brought to a location of your choice at an additional cost. 

I also shoot in a variety of different settings--outdoors, at the business, on the go--there is always a solution!

Are you pet friendly?

Heck yeah! I currently have two dogs, and a cat. BUT I have also previously loved and cared for a cockatiel, a corn snake, a freshwater aquarium, and a variety of other animals through the years. As long as the pet isn't venomous, feral, or aggressive--I am okay with animals!

What do I get for these prices?

Whatever your needs may be, I guarantee that an "hour" with a photographer is often much more time behind the scenes. With that in mind, you get:

  • Organized, high-quality digital images with a limited turnaround time

  • Retouched, adjusted, and color balanced photographs

  • Someone who cares about your brand, not just taking pretty pictures

  • A consult is ALWAYS included

I'm looking for something different. How do I just get a quote?

Right here! If you are unsure of any of my services, or simply have any questions, do not hesitate to request a free quote. Describe your needs to the best of your ability, and I will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

What will you NOT do?

I believe there are a diverse number of photographers in the area, all unique in their skills and specialty. Therefore, I do not specialize in any of the following:

  • Personal Photography of any sort, which includes:

    • Boudoir

    • Infant/newborn photography

    • Special holiday photography*

    • Wedding Photography​​

    • Major/corporate event photography

What kinds of products or items will you shoot?

Let's start--I love and am experienced with arts/crafts, especially floral arrangements. As long as it is unloaded, legal, and being safely handled, I am firearm friendly as well. As previously noted, I am skilled with 

Frequently asked questions

What are your rates?

I do not believe in stringing you along to guess my rates. My basic, hourly rate for Commercial services is $175. However, my business is tailored uniquely to your needs, and so prices may vary upon: -Complexity of your needs -Scope/range of uses -Any ongoing promotions. Feel free to get in touch with me via phone, text, or at contact@adifferentlightrc.com so I can give you a more accurate quote.

What do I get for these prices?

1. Digitally delivered copies, securely and easily delivered via Pixieset 2. Professional, High Quality retouched and color balanced photography 3. Dedicated service and direction from an experienced photographer and marketer
This...is what I do. You and your business will always be my priority.

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