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What are your rates?

Do you have a studio?

Sort of.
I have a home office. I primarily shoot product photography in this setting, though I have a very limited space for headshots and portraits. If if makes you more comfortable--my studio is portable and can be brought to a location of your choice at an additional cost. 

I also shoot in a variety of different settings--outdoors, at the business, on the go--there is always a solution!

Are you pet friendly?

Heck yeah! I currently have two dogs, and a cat. BUT I have also previously loved and cared for a cockatiel, a corn snake, a freshwater aquarium, and a variety of other animals through the years. As long as the pet isn't venomous, feral, or aggressive--I am okay with animals!

What do I get for these prices?

Whatever your needs may be, I guarantee that an "hour" with a photographer is often much more time behind the scenes. With that in mind, you get:

  • Organized, high-quality digital images with a limited turnaround time

  • Retouched, adjusted, and color balanced photographs

  • Someone who cares about your brand, not just taking pretty pictures

  • A consult is ALWAYS included

I'm looking for something different. How do I just get a quote?

Right here! If you are unsure of any of my services, or simply have any questions, do not hesitate to request a free quote. Describe your needs to the best of your ability, and I will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

What will you NOT do?

I believe there are a diverse number of photographers in the area, all unique in their skills and specialty. Therefore, I do not specialize in any of the following:

  • Personal Photography of any sort, which includes:

    • Boudoir

    • Infant/newborn photography

    • Special holiday photography*

    • Wedding Photography​​

    • Major/corporate event photography

What kinds of products or items will you shoot?

Let's start--I love and am experienced with arts/crafts, especially floral arrangements. As long as it is unloaded, legal, and being safely handled, I am firearm friendly as well. As previously noted, I am skilled with 

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