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Photographing the world in a different light.

Being an entrepreneur in Rapid City means you've got to stand out. Those pictures on your phone are alright. It's true: High-Quality photography can take your business to the next level. Whether it's food, crafts, or services...isn't it time to find a photographer who gets you and your unique needs?


I've cruised a lot of downtowns, festivals, and quirky events.  It was here that I had found my people: entrepreneurs offering one of a kind products that give our towns and cities their character.  I'm not just a small business owner--I'm a professional communicator and a small business supporter. Your food has filled my tummy and your art has graced my walls. 


 Bigger isn't always better, am I right? I offer professional quality at competitive rates. It's time to bring small business ownership back down to earth--where the food truck owners, street vendors, and entrepreneurs are putting in the work. The mission of A Different Light is to provide accessible food, product, and marketing photography to local businesses. 


Curious about what A Different Light can do for your business? Would you like to learn more about moi?  Grab a snack, peek around my site, read the FAQs and contact me to connect or learn more!

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